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Meet Our Amazing Staff!

Camerin Watson

IID Director

Camerin Watson received her BFA in dance from UNC Greensboro.  Since, she has taught dance to all ages, levels and abilities.  Watson received her Adaptive Dance Certification from Boston Ballet in 2018, but she has been passionate about working with dances with disabilities her whole life.  Camerin's brother Corbin is an amazing musician with disabilities and has always been a great source of inspiration and support.  In addition to teaching, Camerin is a freelance choreographer, performer and the Artistic Director of Charlotte's annual BOOM Festival.

Erin Badger-Coffey

Dance Instructor

Erin Badger-Coffey discovered at a young age that like many children who are sensorially  driven, she learns best while moving. She graduated from Northwest School of the Arts High School (NWSA) with a major in Modern Dance. She was then accepted to the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNSCA) where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance. Due to repeated injuries, Erin began to explore aspects of dance other than performance; including teaching movement classes, camps and utilizing her Yoga for Kids Certification to help develop a program for children and adults with disabilities. Since 2013, she has been supporting early childhood educators by providing arts integration professional development in the classroom and virtually as a Wolf Trap Dance/Movement Teaching Artist. 

BADGER RedHead 2020.JPG

Niah Lassiter

Dance Instructor

Niah Lassiter is a local professional dancer and works with CMS as a High School Dance Instructor. She received her education from illustrious John C. Smith University in 2019. Niah has taught all ages, levels, and abilities for over 10 years. Niah loves to spend her spare time singing, painting, and talking with family.

Kim Parks

Dance Instructor

Kim Parks is a local professional dancer and works in pediatric physical therapy in home through Early Intervention. She received her education from Florida State University in 2005. Kim has taught all ages, levels, and abilities for over 20 years.


Janie Desmond

Dance Instructor

Janie Desmond first began her dance training with ShaLeigh Comerford in 2005. Together they have created a movement relationship and bond that has spanned more than ten years. They have moved together through the forms of Ballet, Modern, Creative Movement, Improvisation, Composition, Choreography, and ShaGa. In 2018, they presented their duet, J’aime ma soeur at DPAC for Reality Ministries annual talent show. Janie began working with ShaLeigh Dance Works as a Guest in 2019 with a performance of enVISION at The Cary Theatre. Janie is a 2015 graduate of UNC Greensboro with a certificate in Integrative Community Studies. Her current goal is to share her love for dance through teaching all ages with a special interest in elementary education. She is thrilled to be working with Inspire Inclusion Dance.

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